iBeacons & The Shopping Center Industry

Rarely does a technology generate so much buzz as iBeacons have in the past 12 months. If you haven’t already heard about the potential of iBeacons...then you soon will. With all the press around iBeacons its easy to get lost in what it can really offer to an industry like the shopping center industry and retail in general. The answer...a lot! In this article I’m going to look at what iBeacons are, but more than that..what they can do for your center. We have spent the past 6 months working with iBeacons and incorporating them into award winning Mall Maverick platform. Here’s what iBeacons on our platform can do for your center today!

What are iBeacons?

iBeacons are small BlueTooth Low Energy devices that transmit a unique signal to native mobile apps. Native mobile apps can then pick up this signal when a user is nearby and then deliver some content or action on their smartphone. The possibilities are enormous and there has been a lot of discussion on the impact of this to retail. The Mall Maverick platform has more shopping center apps on the app stores than any other platform on the market. Below are our core iBeacon features that have been designed specifically for the shopping center industry that we know and love.

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Way Finding

We have worked in the shopping center industry for over 5 years and understand the challenges in locating a customer on a map within an enclosed center. Our iBeacons pilot project has removed this barrier forever. By placing iBeacons in key locations within the center our native mobile app solutions are able to detect and triangulate a users location with amazing accuracy. Much like the glowing blue dot in Google Maps, iBeacons provide users with their exact location on our interactive map solution and can route them to any retailer with best in class user experience your patrons want.

Promotions Near Me

Your patrons love a great deal! iBeacon on Mall Maverick allow your patrons to access promotions like never before. By sorting promotions based on proximity to a users location our platform can now notify your users when they are walking by a store promotion and prompt them to come inside. Combine this with our SRM (Shopper Relationship Manager) feature and we can build a user profile that will determine what promotions users will want to be notified about based on preferences and retailer interests.

Geo Targeted Campaigns

Take promotions to the next level by offering specific coupons or contest entries for users who are within a specific location in the center. Whether it’s a retailer promotion or a center promotion you can engage your users within specific areas or retailers within your center. Send targeting promotions to users when they are at home and offer custom redemptions when they are in location and close to a specific iBeacon.

Heat Map Analytics

The Mall Maverick platform provides you with the most compressive set of analytics into your digital channels. With iBeacons we can track your users foot print traffic like never before. See interactive heat maps that show where you patrons walk within the center and where they spend their time. Follow traffic patterns and understand where the most valuable real estate in your center is. Combine this data with our Digital Directory board solution to position your digital assets in the most affective locations.

Welcome Message

We know from experience that your patrons are passionate about your center’s native mobile app. By placing iBeacons at each of your center’s entrances you can send them a “Welcome!” message right to their device and promote specific content like promotions, contests, or loyalty programs. Record the entrance your patrons enter to help guide them back to their cars or transit when their shopping day is over.

Custom Campaigns

With iBeacons the possibility for custom campaigns, contests, scavenger hunts and loyalty programs are seemingly endless. We have some great ideas on how iBeacons can bring amazing value to your patrons and retailers. Talk to us today about implementing iBeacons on Mall Maverick today!

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