Shopping Center Digital Directories

Our Digital Directory Boards offer the modern experience your patrons will love! With dynamic updates, interactive screens, and beautiful touch displays the experience is designed to impress. Never worry about your directory boards being out of date as Mall Maverick can update them in real time. Feel the power of a consistent design and brand message across all your channels.

Update Once......See it live everywhere!

We know how important it is to have consistent content across all your digital channels. With the Mall Maverick CMS we have developed a revolutionary platform that delivers updates to your website, mobile apps, AND digital directory boards at the click of a button! With our digital directory board solution you will never have to worry about out-of-date stores or center maps, promotions or media. We use a revolutionary 2 way communication that keeps your directory boards in constant contact with our CMS and synced with your website and mobile platforms in real time. Any content changes to stores, maps or promotions will automatically update to your website, apps, and directory boards. Mall Managers can stay focused on the shopping centers marketing message and we'll take care of the rest!



Beautiful Displays

Not only do our touch displays work incredibly well, but they are also built as a showpiece for the shopping center. From a custom designed encasing to the highest quality user interface, we focus on making the experience the best in the industry. We incorporate your brand and style into every aspect of the display. The user interface is designed to be smooth, functional and gorgeous to look at. Because we use a revolutionary technology we can update the look and feel of your boards at anytime so you can promote contests, media, or event driven promotions. We can even update your screens to reflect seasonal design changes...all it real time. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelming; take your center to the next level with Mall Maverick Digital Directory Boards.




The Power of Digital

The power of our digital directory board solution is immense. In additional to live updates of content in real time, our solution also offers you incredible insight into how and when the boards are being used. Our analytics dashboard can show you insightful metrics on all your digital channels including directory boards. Compare and contrast this with other digital channels such as web and mobile to get an unprecedented view of your message and marketing efforts. Feel the full power of a single digital eco-system when you use our website, mobile, and iBeacon solutions that can tie into the directory boards. This empowers you to do dynamic campaigns, contests, media experiences and loyalty programs that will engage your patrons in imaginative ways. Never before has this level of engagement been possible in our industry. Work with us today so we can put our collective ideas to work. You'll be amazed at what we can do.







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